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5 awesome tips for the OCD cleaner inside of you!

OCD or not, you can probably stand to get a little more thorough with your cleaning.

1. Use a binder clip as a sponge stand.

This will allow it to air-dry.

2. Kill germs and viruses that have gathered on your nasty sponges, microwave on high for 2 minutes and let cool.

It works like a charm!

3. Clean your the washer, you jerk!

The nooks and crannies deserve it. A little procrastination, and clutter takes over.

4. From the top down.

Dust will fall down on the ground, so begin your cleaning by dusting the ceiling and lights and continuing down through the room.

5. Hire a professional.

Check Maid’s Denver house cleaning makes it easy.

Bonus: DONT FORGET TO RECYCLE! Get rid of household stuff, unwanted clothing, and donate it to a local charity or organization! They’ll thank you for it, and giving feel great.